Local search engine optimization, also called local SEM, is similar to organic SEO in that it is a method affecting the rankings of a particular site or a page in the search results of the paid results of a search engine, also called “organic” or “free” results. Natural search results tend to be more influenced by factors such as user location, demographics, and commercial intent. Organic search results tend to be more affected by factors such as content, link popularity, and keyword competitiveness. Organic search results are favored over local search results by most online marketers. The primary goal for a local SEO specialist is to increase website traffic by getting a high ranking in the natural or unpaid search results for specific key phrases. These key phrases may include but are not limited to, a city’s name, state, or country. The primary focus for a local SEO firm should be to improve website rankings by increasing website traffic and thereby increasing company revenue. This requires that searchers who enter a local business’s area of expertise have the information they need to find their way to the website. A variety of methods are used to achieve both of these goals. Some local SEO techniques incorporate paid placements, which pay search engine sites for placement placements on their pages. Other local SEO strategies are designed to attract specific types of searches. For example, many small businesses opt to utilize the use of Google AdWords, a pay-per-click program, to advertise their products and services. Other local SEO strategies seek to generate buzz about a local business by creating local advertising efforts in websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yelp. Many successful social media campaigns have been developed around a particular local business through social media marketing. Another approach to optimizing for local use is to make sure that keywords related to the target location are used in the content of the website. Keywords related to the target location will ensure that people looking for what you offer will be able to find you. In addition, keywords relevant to the business and its location will increase the likelihood that searchers looking for local services will click on your listing. This strategy is known as backlinking, and it is absolutely essential to the success of any local SEO campaign. As stated above, many local seo strategies center on increased local traffic. There are several other local search ranking factors that are equally important to local businesses. These include a quality website design, accurate descriptions of products and services offered, accurate and useful information, and regularly updated news releases and blogs. These local SEO factors will ensure that businesses are ranked highly for keywords that are relevant to their target locations. It is important to optimize for specific local search phrases, and local search ranking factors should incorporate the use of targeted local keyword phrases. This is because when these searches are performed, most Internet users conduct the search using local search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In addition, when users perform searches on these search engines, they usually have a larger selection of results than when searching using general search engines. To optimize for local search phrases, it will be important to use appropriate keywords and key phrases, and to optimize content around these key phrases. The second local SEO tip concerns the methods by which a local business can increase its online presence. One way that this can be done is by using mobile devices to access websites. The existence and expansion of mobile device use have increased exponentially over the past several years, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Therefore, it makes sense for online businesses to consider using mobile search applications and mobile marketing on their websites. Mobile searches have reached a level of popularity where it is the leading way for online users to find local services, and businesses can take advantage of this fact by implementing various local services and marketing techniques onto their websites. Perhaps the most popular method of local SEO is to utilize phone number listings in local directories. Many people look up phone numbers in local listings directories simply because they do not know the number but know the name of the business. Because of this, it will be wise for online businesses to list their phone numbers in these directories as well. A simple phone number listing should provide a contact number, whether it is a physical location or an email address and should be listed near the top of the listing. As people look up the phone number, they may come across other businesses in the area who also list these phone numbers, which will increase the likelihood that a person looking up the number will find the business that he or she wants to visit.