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Importance Of Local SEO

Local SEO, sometimes referred to as local link building, is an internet marketing strategy that enables your website to benefit from increased exposure by concentrating the majority of its resources on very specific areas within a relatively small geographical area. It is often compared with the method adopted by magazines and newspapers in their coverage of a particular city or town. Although it can have advantages over traditional forms of internet marketing, it can also be frustrating and often ineffective. Here are three reasons why local SEO may not be the best choice for your business:

– With the advent of the internet, local search has become incredibly competitive. Because Google focuses on local search results, small companies and startups are quickly discovering that their website’s position on the first page of Google results, far from providing a good chance of being found, is practically non-existent. While a website may appear high on the search engine results pages, it may not get much traffic. This is because most internet users search for the keywords they are familiar with and searching for local services and products on a search engine will return results that are tailor made for your local area. There is very little scope for organic growth with this type of marketing.

– The second reason why small or new service area businesses may struggle with local search engine marketing is that Google Places, the section of the search engine where customers type local addresses in, is largely controlled by companies who target local clients. Some popular local services providers such as Yellow Pages carriers and Microsoft offer highly customized listings for their local customers. In contrast, other search engines such as Bing offer highly generic listings. You may find that you have to pay a substantial amount of money to have your place displayed on Google Places.

– While Google Places is one of the better places for local searches, some business owners still feel that it does not give them enough scope to compete effectively. Even if a business owner gets his website listed on Google Maps, he may not be able to benefit from paid placements. On the other hand, even though Bing offers local search optimization services for free, smaller businesses may not be able to afford these services.

– For many small to medium size enterprises, getting listed in local searches will still remain a costly affair. Google, Yahoo and Bing all offer very similar search marketing options for local searches. The rankings of these three search engines vary widely and getting your website listed on the first page of the search results is difficult if not impossible. Some local search providers also charge per click which makes it even more expensive to achieve top rankings.

– One more reason why local SEO remains a complicated affair is that content and visual design matter a lot. Smaller enterprises do not have the budget for hiring search engine optimizers and can rely on blogging and press releases to keep their websites interesting and attractive. Even though this strategy works, most of the time, it does not attract the right type of audience. In case of serious online competition, the presence of a website with updated information is an added advantage.

– A good number of local SEO strategies depend on the use of accurate and adequate citations. Citations, which are hyperlinked references to a website, can help bring more traffic to the site. In fact, Google and other search engines place great importance on links and citations. However, although a lot of people have learned to read citations correctly, they are unable to remember all of them. In this scenario, it becomes essential for small and medium sized local businesses to hire professionals who can do proper and reliable citations for them.

Overall, local seo is a complicated area and it is important for people who want to make the most of it to learn more about it. A simple search in Google will show many people promoting local listing directories as well as blogs. Since search engines are always looking out for new websites, it is vital for businesses to create local listings.